We are proud to have had a team not only make it to the CrossFit Games… but finish in the top 20 in the world!!! Battling back in so many ways this weekend. The workouts were IMPOSSIBLE to prepare for. They threw things out that we have never seen before… and from the sounds of it… hope to never see again! LOL. So those of you at home understand… if you don’t already… There are over 4500 CrossFit affiliates in the world!! And your own Quad City CrossFit finished as the 18th fittest team… in the world. It’s something to be proud of. All of this wouldn’t be possible with out the amazing support group we have… the QCCF Family! Thanks to you… this is all possible. Big shout out to the whole gym… the team.. and the amazing staff we have!

Man we have come a long ways!!
First Comp team 4 years ago….
Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 9.39.05 PM
Currently 18th fittest team in the world!!

2013 CFGames Team Photo

Part 1
2 Deadlifts @85%+

Part 2
3 Rounds
Run 400M
25 Medball Squat Clean 20/10
25 Push Ups