Colby Lopez

I found QCCF in August of 2010 when I was looking for a way to ramp up my conditioning. Before I joined the gym I was working out at a local Y and doing the same old tired routine of body part splits and treadmill “cardio” most folks are resigned to. I had initially reached out to Kyle Dietz, who was doing MMA at the time, and he suggested I come try “cross fit.”

Colby Active

I had no idea what it was. I remember being nervous and skeptical, but after my first “WOD” (which was a running Cindy) I was both humbled and exhilarated. More importantly, I was hooked. After that I started coming multiple times a week to QCCF. Even after I moved to Florida for work I found myself at Globo-gyms trying to do the WODs before I finally found a good box in Tampa.


When I moved back home in April 2013, I was so looking forward to starting back with QCCF because I knew what kind of people ran the ship and what kind of athletes the gym had built. I was excited to be pushed to new personal limits. Over the years, I’ve never found a better fitness paradigm that prepares me for what it feels like to be in the professional wrestling ring than Crossfit. There is a huge misnomer about pro wrestling that it’s all “fake.” Let me set the record straight now: it’s not fake, it’s scripted. The physical toll it takes and the mental acumen required to perform at a high level in WWE is nothing short of artistic genius.

Colby’s athleticism has been nothing short of extremely impressive since he started the gym. He’s held the box jump record at QCCF for a long time. People don’t give enough credit nor understand what it takes to be a WWE athlete. -Coach Josiah

It truly is the modern American art form. The functionality. The physical pace. The general preparedness required. All qualities necessary for what I do and Crossfit and QCCF make me my best. I am lucky to have found QCCF. Not only will it put years onto my career, but I’m certain it’s the future of fitness, not just for me, but globally. And I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Check out Colby in this video clip:

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