Look Better Naked

Look Better Naked Starts MONDAY!!

Tomorrow (Sat Oct 5th) is the meeting and before pics/measurements for LBN. This contest is extremely important to us, as it’s improved so many people’s lives by teaching them how to eat correctly… Diving in head first with a group teaches you so much, and gives you the accountability you need to make it happen. If you on the fence I would really encourage you to give it a shot. It’s only 6 weeks long!! You can do it!! Here is a testimonial from Jeremy Tatman, a member of our 7am class:

A couple of months into starting at the gym, I asked what the paleo diet was. I cannot remember who I was talking to, but they gave me a fly over of the diet and told me that they did the diet about 80% of the time. I thought this individual was crazy, that the diet was far too extreme and I could not even fathom doing it 80% of the time. A few months later, the gym hosted an LBN challenge. Since I was not crazy, I decided to pass on participating. The Monday the competition started I was planning my schedule for the week at Dunn Brothers and Dan Lorentzen stopped by and talked me into participating. Brandon Bartz was doing some work there as well and I asked if I could participate. Brandon agreed and it changed my life.
Since I jumped in, I was not prepared to start, but my wife came through for me. I am very fortunate to have an incredible wife who was willing to do anything she could to help me eat right during the competition. After all, she did not marry the fatty that I had become. She changed how she cooked so that I could ease into this new diet. Not only was I starting to eat clean, but my entire family was as well. For the six weeks of the competition, I did not cheat once. I lost 34 pounds, lots of inches and I felt great. While these results were exciting, they pale in comparison to knowing that my entire family’s dietary habits have changed because of this competition.

Now, paleo is how I eat. 80% is easy! I cheat sometimes, but never without consequences. Paleo is not a diet, it is the way God created us to eat. When I cheat, my body quickly lets me know that it does not agree with that food or my foolish decision to eat it. I am excited for this next LBN challenge to start in order to get back to eating perfectly.
Should any of you want any advice on eating clean, here is what I have for you:

– You are not missing out by not eating bad food. The first LBN I did was over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Guess what? I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bad food should never equal happiness.

-You have heard from lots of people that you must plan ahead. They are exactly right. You have to have a plan in place in order to succeed at this. I have every meal planned and in case something were to come up, I have almonds, dark chocolate, Lara bars and Stevia in my computer bag.

– Your taste buds will change- wait for it. Your cravings and desire for bad food, specifically sugar, will change. This change will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Be patient and your cravings will subside.

– Don’t look at a scale. Eat right and work out and you will get results. There were a couple of weeks in the first LBN challenge that I would not lose any weight (you will plateau at some point during this competition). I thought I was doing something wrong. I was not being patient enough. Trust what you are doing and do it. The results will follow.

– Try foods you haven’t or have disliked in the past. Again, with your taste buds changing, you will find yourself liking, even craving, foods you would never chosen to eat before.

HERE’s Jeremy’s full Testimonial!

YouTube Preview Image

Lean Turkey Challenge – LBN Details, Fall 2013

It’s that time of year again guys!!! Are you ready to learn some amazing life habits and look and feel the best you ever have?

As usual, there are going to be a few changes. We’re constantly evolving trying to make this the best LBN challenge!

Here are the details for this challenge this time around!

  1. The intro meeting will be held on October 5th at 10:15 am at the Davenport gym.
  2. Weigh-in, measurement, and photos will be taken immediately after this meeting. The make-up time will be Monday, October 7th at 6:30 pm at Motown. It is important you try and get to one of these but if you cannot, please contact one of us and we’ll set up a time to get this done. Please don’t ask your trainer to do this during your class time as it is often very difficult for a coach to be in two places at once and we need all our members safe!
  3. End date is November 18th. Final weigh-ins will be November 16th at 10:15 am at Davenport or November 18th at 6:30 pm at Motown.

Now, here’s what’s different this time around.

We’ve always required you to log your food – this is part of the challenge and a great way for you to keep focused on what you’re eating! And if you’re hitting a slump or not progressing like you feel you should, this is a great tool for us to be able to look at and see where we can help you. We’ve always had you guys post on the website, but since a FB sign-on has been required for that and there are better ways to do this now, we’ve decided to do something a little different: Google Docs.

Each class at our gym has a head coach for each time – did you know that?!? You will be registered under your coach’s name on one large group Google Document which will all be set up for you. All you need to do is log in to the document and enter your food for the day. This is a REAL-TIME document, meaning it is “shared” with everyone (it will not be public, only open to the challengers and coaches) so everyone can make changes at any time. There is also a Google Drive app for your smartphone so you can log in anytime, anywhere.

When you register for the LBN, you will provide me with a gmail account. If you don’t have one, make one up. It’s simple and easy. I will then send you a link to the shared document and you can access it directly. Or once logged into your gmail account, you will see your Google Drive at the top of your inbox. Here’s mine:

And here’s a sample of the Document you’ll be logging into.

Lean Turkey LBN-1

See how easy? Don’t worry! Your weights, pics, and measurements are all kept on another private sheet, not shared.

The only little quirk is that you’ll probably want to hit “return” after each of your meals, or to create a new line, but this will bump you into the next field in Excel. So, if you want to create a new line, simply hit Ctrl+Enter. 🙂

-Josiah & AndreAnna

Part 1
Spilt Jerk
10 Heavy Singles

Part 2
50/40/30 Burpees
KB Swings (70/55) (55/35) (45/25)
Toes to Bar

Part 3
Shoulder Stretch

The Scale

Okay guys, it’s been just about three weeks and we’re almost halfway there. By now, you should be over the “induction flu” and have good energy levels, be sleeping much better, and see some gains in the gym. If you aren’t feeling great, please let me know and we can go over your food logs and try and fix this.

I know it will probably be tempting to get on the scale and maybe some of you have. For some of you, you may see a quick number change, and for others, it may not be moving at all. First of all, if you haven’t gotten on the scale yet, DO NOT DO IT. It will serve no purpose other than to mess with your head. Right now, as your body is getting used to this way of eating and you’re making gains at the gym, you’re changing how it functions. You’re gaining lean muscle mass while losing fat, and the scale is THE WORST way to measure any success, especially right now and for those of you with very little weight to lose.

If you did get on the scale and aren’t seeing the number change you expected, it’s hard not to get discouraged, I get that. We all do. It’s been ingrained our whole lives that the number on that scale should be in a specific range and if it’s not there, you’re wrong or incorrect. Coming from someone who lost over 120 pounds, believe me, I KNOW this struggle well. But, you can change how you view yourself if you make the effort.

I want you not to define yourself by a number but think about these things: How do your clothes fit? How are you sleeping? How are your moods and energy level? Those are the real measures of success and what you should be aiming for. And for some of you with some underlying auto-immune issues, you may be noticing some amazing changes: Do your joints feel better? Is your scalp less itchy? Is your skin clearing up? Is your heartburn gone? Did your migraines disappear?

Yes, some of you want to see those numbers go down and it’s incredibly frustrating when they don’t, especially us women who can be very hard on ourselves and our relationship to a machine that doesn’t measure any real form of success. I’d like you to take a look at these and get the hell off that scale for now. This first photo is from one of our own members at our Davenport gym:

The rest of these photos are just amazing examples of what our bodies can do when we work for lean muscle mass through a clean diet and lifting heavy stuff. 🙂

Five pounds heavier on right.

She is 15 pounds heavier in her “after” photo

So, let’s share some of our struggles or successes now that we’re three weeks into this.

How is everyone doing?

First Week of LBN and Weekly Meal Plan

Ok guys, we’re almost a full week in for those of you who started LBN on Monday and even if you waited till Wednesday to start, you should be well into it by now.

I find the first week of any strict “detox” or lifestyle change to be the hardest. You’re hungrier —  physiologically because your body is now looking to burn fat for energy instead of the carbs it was used to having, and psychologically because you’re denying yourself the “yummy” treats.

It’s hard, period. Even for those of us who are seasoned “Paleo” eaters, there are struggles during any challenge. Sitting with your friends at a bar while they watch the football game with a beer while you sip water. Choosing the veggies or fruit at a party instead of the chips and dip. Spending time cooking instead of ordering a pizza.

But I promise it does get easier. We’re not asking you to never have a beer with your buddies or never collapse on the couch on a Friday night with a slice of pizza. What we’re asking is that for the next 6 weeks you make the choice not to. You actively decide that RIGHT NOW you and your body are worth this LBN challenge. And our hope is that you come out of this with a lifestyle change. One that includes 95% of the GOOD choices and habits you’ve formed and the other 5%…well, that can be your very occasional beer and pizza. And you’ll be so in tune with your body and it’s functions that you won’t WANT it to be more than that.

So, here’s my meal plan for week 2 of LBN. As usual, I did my shopping yesterday:

Note my little notebook that goes with me everywhere – it’s how I meal plan and keep track of my list. I guess despite being a computer nerd, there’s something about a pen and paper.

And I plan to spend some time today (Sunday) prepping the meals for this week. I will be making soup, hard-boiled eggs, scotch eggs, and dicing veggies for meals and snacks today as well as making a crustless spinach and bacon quiche.  I hope these meal plans continue to be helpful and they give you ideas and recipes and show you that “paleo” food doesn’t have to be boring! We must be in an Asian mood this week because it turns out that most of our dinners are!!

(Note: click on the pic for link to recipe)

B: Coconut and Tapioca pancakes (the best consistency I’ve ever had in a Paleo pancake), bacon
D: Tom Kah Gai (Thai coconut chicken soup)

B: Scotch eggs
L: Leftover soup, raw veggies
D: Butternut squash chili (I Paleo-ize this recipe)

B: Bacon and Spinach Crustless Quiche with Caramelized Onions
L: leftover chili
D: Thai Beef lettuce wraps with a Tahini Slaw

B: Omelet w/ bacon
L: egg salad on lettuce boats, cucumbers, tomato
D: “Peanut” Sesame Chicken Satay skewers (made with almond butter), roasted broccoli, Asian ginger lime and citrus salad

B: Burger with egg over easy
L: leftover Thai beef wraps
D: Meatloaf, bacon oven braised Brussels sprouts, garlic mashed “fauxtatoes” (cauliflower)

B: Veggie and sausage omelet
L: Leftover meatloaf
D: Pot Roast with roasted root veggies – onions, carrots, parsnips, jicama, potato

B: Poached eggs with butternut squash and parsnip hasbrowns
D: Smoked pork butt, big ass salad using up the week’s veggies.

What new recipes have you tried this week?

How are you feeling? Did you experience the “induction flu”?

LBN – Staying Prepared and Our Weekly Mean Plan

As I mentioned a few times, I really believe being prepared is the key to the success in any life change, especially one as huge as what you eat on a daily basis. So, not only do we meal plan each week, but we also have other tricks to stay prepared. I know it will seem like a lot of work but it really only takes a couple hours over the weekend to save you a ton of time during the week. We try and make it fun, put on some football or music with the kids and have them “help.” Involving them makes them feel like an important part of our family’s nutritional health and it’s a great way to spend time with them.

1) On Sundays, we chop peppers, onions, celery, carrots, mushrooms, etc., and place them into Ziploc bags in the freezer. Some are finely diced for quick grabbing to throw into omelets, a meatlof, or as a soup base. Some we slice into strips for fajitas or a stir fry. Having these already prepared saves a ton of time during the week with two little kids underfoot and busy full-time work schedules.

2) Make a soup or stew in the slow cooker over the weekend to have easy lunches.

3) Learn to love your slow cooker!!! 1) Stick a few sweet potatoes in, poke a few holes, and set on high. In four hours, you’ll have a perfectly cooked, easy to peel, excellent source of post-recovery WOD fuel. 🙂 2) Slice 5-7 large onions (mix up red, sweet, and white for best flavor), place in Crockpot, throw in 1/2 stick butter, pinch of salt and in 6-8 hours, you’ll have amazing caramelized onions to keep in the fridge as use as toppings or stuffing in anything you want!

4) Hard-boil eggs for quick protein – either for breakfast or to make egg salad or scotch eggs. Want the perfect easy-to-peel with a perfect yellow hard-boiled egg? Here’s a trick: steam them. Place your eggs in a steamer pot, cover and bring to a boil. Boil rapidly for exactly 5 minutes, then lower to a simmering boil for exactly 15 minutes. Then immediately place the eggs in an ice bath. Perfect every time but set timers, trust me!

5) Make notes of what days you need to take out what meat from the freezer to defrost and tape it to your fridge to remind yourself.

6) Some weeks, set aside some time and make some plan-ahead things, like a breakfast casserole or prosciutto egg cups or a Paleo bananacado fudge muffin for quick grabbing all week.

As promised, here is the meal plan for my family this week. Yesterday (Sunday) I made a mushroom beef onion soup and a friend brought over some of a very large smoked pork butt he had made. I also hard-boiled a couple dozen eggs and made egg salad with half.


B: Paleo banana bread (without the choc. chips)
L: Egg salad on lettuce boats w/bacon, raw carrots
D: Pulled smoked pork hash – sauteed with onions, spinach, and sweet potato, topped with an egg.
S: apple and almond butter pre-WOD

B: Scotch eggs
L: Big ass salad with rotisserie roasted chicken, lots of veggies
D: stuffed peppers with homemade Paleo marinaramaple roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potato fries
S: Sunflower seeds, 1/2 banana

B: garden omelet w/sausage
L: mushroom beef soup, raw veggies
D:Paleo fish sticks (omitting the cheese), oven-roasted crispy broccoli, mashed sweet potato with cinnamon
S: banana bread

Thursday (I leave for Chicago for the night, so the menu is based around that.)
B: HB eggs, bacon
L (Mike): Leftover stuffed peppers
L (AA): Likely a lara bar or a muffin and raw veggies on the drive to Chicago.
D (Mike): Steak salad.
D (AA): Fogo De Chao  so staying strict won’t be hard in Land O’ Meat.

B (Mike): steak omelet with leftover steak from dinner
B (AA): something delicious at a restaurant in Chicago
L: (Mike) mushroom beef soup, raw veggies
D: BBQ Bacon Burgers with avocado, red onion, mayo, roasted fresh green beans, sweet potato fries.
S: almonds, apple slices

Saturday (Garage Games)
Big ass breakfast to get me through the busy day: eggs, bacon, sweet potato hash with spinach.
Dinner: Chipotle salad fajita bowl with the kiddos.

Brunch: Paleo crepes with fresh berry compote
Dinner: Chuck roast with oven roasted root veggies: onions, carrots, and parsnips, sauteed spinach.

I realize that for a lot of you starting out, getting creative is kind of scary, especially baking. Don’t think you all have to go crazy chef in order to be satisfied and happy. But trying new things isn’t bad either. Stay simple if you have to, but be brave too.

So, did you guys do your weekly meal plans? If so, please post them here to share ideas!!

LBN Meeting Follow Up

So at the meeting, when I asked how many of you were doing the LBN challenge for the first time, more hands shot up than had ever before. This causes my brain to do things: 1) freak out because OMG how am I going to explain this to these people without causing them to run for the hills and 2) start planning on HOW I’m going to get you all through this and come out of it with a new self of control over your diet, your body, and your health.

First, if you’re part of the QCCF Members page on Facebook, I’ve uploaded a bunch of PDFs into the Files – shopping lists, a few articles, etc. I will continue to do this to give you guys as  many resources as possible. If you’re not on the members page, let one of us know and we can add you (it’s a private group so you need to be friended and then added by an admin). If you’re not on FB, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get them to you (andreanna.mclean@gmail.com).

Second, one of the times we did LBN I wrote pretty frequent blog posts with resources and links and just a general Q&A to keep everyone focused and in a good mental place. I’ll be doing this again every few days and posting some recipes and things.

I’d also like to go over the rules a bit clearer. I was able to speak with Josiah today regarding the 3-day a week membership at the gym and how it may be an unfair disadvantage to those members. We’ve decided that the most points you can earn per week for going to the gym will be three. So you have a total of 21 points to earn by attending the classes.  There will still be a sign up sheet at the gym (it may not be up til Thursday or Friday this week as we combine all the sign ups into one for both gyms) where you will check off when you’ve attended and at the end of the week, whether or not you’ve “cheated.” Again, this is an honor system but we really want the bottom line to be a reward for those people who work very hard – we want you to see the best results!

The rest of the rules were laid out pretty clearly in my first post here.

So the contest in a nutshell: we want you to follow a strict “Paleo” diet for the next seven weeks. This means what?

1) No grains, dairy, legumes, or alcohol.
2) Focus on eating clean meat, fish, eggs, healthy fats, and lots of veggies.
3) Sleep. 7-8 hours, in a dark room. (Yes I know some of you have babies, so just try your best to get rest when you can.)
4) Lift heavy. Get  your butts to the gym and work hard. Make those muscles do what they were meant to.

If you want to know WHY we feel the Paleo lifestyle is the one in which we feel your bodies and health will thrive, there are lots of books and websites out there for you to do your own research. I truly feel that the more you learn and read on your own, the more you’ll understand. THEN, as your body begins to change in response to the clean way you’re treating it, it will all fall into place.

Sidenote: A few people have asked about salad dressings and condiments: For mayo, Duke’s brand is the only one I’ve found that has no added sugar (found at Schnucks). Also, there is a brand on the market called OrganicVille (I get mine at Schnuck’s but I think HyVee carries it too).

They have ketchup and dressings minimally sweetened and only with organic agave. Though I don’t LOVE agave as it can be heavily processed, it is technically allowable in the Paleo diet. Also, don’t forget to read the ingredients: can’t pronounce it? Don’t eat it. 🙂

Lastly, a few people have asked about what a typical shopping list looks like or what their meal plans should be. My husband and I have a routine that I think really helps us stay focused. Sometime on Saturday, we’ll sit down and talk about what we’re in the mood to eat. Then I’ll make a quick meal plan around it – be flexible, things can change. From the meal plan, we’ll create a shopping list. Here is what mine looked like this week:

I’ll share these with you each week (I’ll get it up Sunday nights or Monday morning) and it would be really cool if you commented on the post with yours. It will keep you accountable to creating one and help others by sharing new ideas!

I’m not a shy person but anyone in front of a group of people sometimes forgets things.  Is there anything I didn’t cover at the meeting or in the posts above that you have questions or concerns about? Do you guys feel prepared? What is your biggest worry?

Feedback Post

The LBN is coming to a close and I know a lot of you have learned a lot about yourself through this challenge. In this post I’d really like to get some good responses back from you. Here are some things I’d like to get your feedback on:

1. What has been the hardest part?

2. Have you seen the results you wanted? If not, why do you think that is?

3. What is your plan of attack after the challenge? 1-2 cheat meals/ week? Real food on the weekdays and relax on the weekends? what is your plan?

4. If you could change a few things about the LBN challenge what would you change? What did you like?

Thanks Everyone!

Keep’n it Fresh

We’ve progressed 4 weeks, had some good times and some great weather, It’s a great time to re-explore what our local producers have on hand for us.
In market:
Asparagus, Greens, Eggs, herbs, onions, Beets, Carrots, Turnips, radishes, berries, spring garlic, pea shoots, and CHOY varieties.

Soon to market:
Broccoli, Cauliflower, peas, and shell beans as well as local pasture raised chicks, if you can find one fresh get them and roast them off.

Also abundant is fresh seafood, I haven’t been paying attention at Hy-Vee but Midwest Seafood has Cobia, Halibut, Tuna, Char, and swordfish coming in twice a week, as well as their fresh shellfish assortment of mussels, clams, and scallops, all this will be super fresh Friday.

This warm weather brings out the desire to be outside, not stuck in a kitchen. We want to grill out and eat highly flavored but EASY meals. One trick to accomplish this would be to grill extra meat every time you fire up and use the extra to make a tasty salad:

Grab those Fresh local greens and make a quick Caesar or vinaigrette, add in some fresh berries and some toasted nuts and you’re all set. Be creative, cooking is fun, recipes are guidelines not rules.

Any idea to take advantage of the Fish is to make ceviche, cut fish into bite size cubes, boil some water then add salt and lemon juice to it, prepare a very cold Ice bath, blanche the fish in small batches for 45-60 seconds then plunge into the ice bath, remove when cooking has been stopped and put aside in the ice box (1 pound of fish, Halibut, Scallops, Squid will all work nicely). Juice 3 limes and add 1 each of minced garlic clove and minced jalapeno, then personalize with Chopped mint or cilantro, or slice red onions. About 25 minutes before ready to serve toss everything together, and season right before you serve—you’ll feel like you just won Top Chef as you enjoy this.

Ideas could go on and on for pages. Just want to encourage you to be creative and explore new flavors.

What’s the most creative dish you’ve made during the challenge? What are you finding at the market that’s “blow’n your mind”?

Finding Support

I’m lucky enough to have a spouse who is my partner in all things – parenting, housekeeping, working – life. Even though I may be the more outspoken of the two of us (okay, I’m a LOT more outspoken), when it boils down to it we are equals and are unconditionally supportive.

He not only understands how I eat and why (and his Celiac requires him to be gluten-free) but he also follows a Real Food lifestyle and CrossFits. So I guess I have it pretty easy. He eats what I cook without raised eyebrows. We talk about how much squat clean thrusters suck over dinner. We walk the farmer’s market with our kids every week, teaching them where our food comes from.

On top of this wonderful man and support system at home, my extended family is also supportive of my lifestyle. Even when they don’t understand why I want to lift 140# over my head or have a goal of breaking a 1:45 500m row, they love me and that is enough to support my endeavors. They’ve seen the change from an unhappy obese woman to a strong, healthy one who strives to always improve. And that is enough for them.

Then I am blessed enough to walk into QCCF every day at 3 pm, daughter in tow, into a place where everyone just…gets it. We push hard, surpassing limits we thought we’d never reach when we first started. One of the most amazing feelings I have at CrossFit is cheering on someone new and watching that fire in their eyes, knowing how bad they want it, how hard they work for it. And even when they finish and crumple into a pile, they know they did it.

You’re all doing it.

You’re choosing your health, one WOD at a time, one trip to the supermarket at a time, one meal at a time.

Some of you may not have the support at home or in your family. Some of you have to defend every decision you make to the people in your lives. Some of you are so frustrated at the office when you explain for the 40th time where you’re eating beef jerky instead of the morning doughnuts or bagels. Some of you have had times where you want to give up.

Each time you say “No, thank you” to the office birthday cake, we are cheering you on just like we do as we run alongside you on a 400m run during a WOD. Each time you give into the cake, but get right back on track the next day, we cheer even louder.

Each time you explain yourself for the millionth time why you’re not eating bread or pasta, we’re there fist-bumping you like we do when you hit a PR on a lift.

Each time your pants fit better, or your look in the mirror and see someone younger and fitter looking back, we’re there high-fiving you.

Because you deserve to be the best you. And we believe in you.

Do you have a strong support system? How does this affect your success?